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Income tax / Corporate income tax

Anyone who has any form of income in the Netherlands will have to deal with an income tax return. Sometimes this is simple and a check of the available information can be sufficient. In many situations there is a tangle of laws and regulations; in this case, TCO offers structure and assistance. Because we are of the opinion that no situation is standard, we believe it is very important to discuss your situation with each other and look for solutions together. Our personal (fiscal) support will result in the most favourable tax return for you and will give you the certainty that a correct tax return will be submitted.

Our activities include, among others:

  • Preparation of income tax return / national insurance contributions
  • Audit of the provisional and final assessment of income tax and national insurance contributions
  • Setting up preliminary declarations for own home or company profits
  • Application for a provisional refund of general tax credits
  • Declaration of corporate income tax

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