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Salary administration costs

Salary SlipEUR 14
Annual work per employeeHours x Tariff
Implement mutations income-relatedHours x Tariff
Processing of changes in personal dataHours x Tariff
Provision of payroll data (journal entries, etc.)Hours x Tariff
Pro Forma wage calculationsHours x Tariff

Electronic data provision (per data provision):

Declaration of payroll taxesEUR 28
Supplementary declaration of payroll taxesEUR 28
Correction of the income tax returnEUR 28
Correction messages (policy administration)EUR 28
Other workEUR 28
Client Service Meeting (CSM)Free
Entrance Meeting (EM)Free
DiscussionsHours x Tariff

In addition, the following amount will be charged once:

Creating payroll administrationEUR 593
Creating employee payroll administrationHours x Tariff
Unregister employee salary administrationHours x Tariff
Tax office registration fee *EUR 665

* If not yet registered in the Netherlands

Costs Income tax

Income tax return / national insurance contributions *EUR 1,110
Income tax return / national insurance contributions *EUR 880
(including requests for postponement of surrender, checking of assessments, discussion at TCO address)
Income tax return / national insurance contributions *EUR 690
(including requests for postponement of surrender, monitoring of deduction)
Income tax return / national insurance contributions for the partnerEUR 285**
Provisional income tax returnEUR 285
US declarationOn request ***

* Assuming that the client ensures timely and correct delivery of the relevant information. TCO will provide an organizer to facilitate this.
** These costs only apply if the partner rule applies and the income consists of income from employment.
*** Including the ‘federal tax return’, the ‘State tax return’, tax optimisation in combination with the Dutch income tax return, postponement (if desired), settlement of regular correspondence, first discussion if new client

Costs of financial administration

Processing changes in accounting recordsEUR 57.50-110 p/hour
Declaration tax returnEUR 32.50
Drafting annual accountsEUR 135 p/hour

Corporate tax costs

Corporate income tax returnOn request

Costs of other services

Application for childcare allowanceOn request
Request 30% facility EUR 915
Application for authorisation of temporary stayOn request
Application for a residence permitOn request
Application for a work permitOn request
Application for the Highly Skilled Migrants SchemeOn request

Our hourly rates vary from EUR 210 to EUR 365 per hour. These rates apply to consultations, meetings and other activities. The hourly rate for salary administration is EUR 150.
The minimum time unit to be charged is five minutes.

We charge an additional 8% on the amount of our rates for office expenses. The above amounts are exclusive of VAT.

These are our standard rates for 2024.

Every year we will evaluate the requested services, the services provided and this tariff list.

We will use this tariff list, unless it appears that the agreed tariffs cannot be regarded as reasonable, or unless it appears that the services need to be adjusted and therefore a new tariff structure is agreed upon. Usually, in January of each year, our rates are adjusted at least in line with inflation.

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions apply to our services. A copy will be sent to you on request.

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